History and Philosophy

It is a brilliant intuition of the grandfather Silvestro to have marked the way of our family, which has been dealing with technological innovation in the field of production, control and management of energy for almost a century. It all started in 1925, when in a small workshop in Cuneo the young Silvestro developed and patented the first automatic voltage regulator for electric generators that would be sold worldwide for over 50 years. His know-how and expertise in the design and construction of electrical machinery gave to the newly established Elettromeccanica Sasso a leading role in the rapid development of the post-war Italian economy.
The passion for industrial machinery and energy was transmitted from one generation to the next, and at the beginning of the 1950s Dante, son of Silvestro, brought Elettromeccanica Sasso to specialize in the field of energy management and maintenance of electric motors.

Our commitment

  • Towards people

“Since the beginning of our history we have put a particular emphasis into connecting with our clients and listening to their needs” explains Carlo Sasso, actual CEO. “It is a choice that reflects our ethics and work attitude. We strongly believe that there’s an ethic aspect behind every work, and that we can make the difference with our everyday choices. Over the years our company size has grown substantially but we have kept loyal to the original principles, and many new clients get to know us by word of mouth. We have never said no to anyone, even when we were asked to repair some very old pieces of equipment or to respond to last-minute calls from hundreds of kilometres away. Every customer is different and every case has its own specificity, so we always try to carefully evaluate the needs and the context”.

  • Towards the environment

“We have always been involved in the design and construction of renewable energy generation schemes (hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass) and energy efficiency measures. We have experience with alternative energy carriers such as hydrogen and vegetable oil and our focus is on technologies and methods that combine eco-compatibility and energy saving (e.g. green buildings, Internet of Things, LCA). The respect towards the environment has always been our priority”.