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Remote control and monitoring of machinery and industrial appliances

Sasso SRL has a wide and long-lasting expertise on remote monitoring of commercial and industrial facilities, among which water distribution networks and renewable energy installations.

The main features offered by Sasso SRL are:

  • 24/7 surveillance and control of the key parameters;
  • automation and optimization of the existing installations;
  • overall view of the status of a network, in order to respond quickly to any anomaly which may occur;
  • reduction of personnel cost thanks to the early problem diagnosis and reduction of field work;
  • water resources optimization in face of population increases and pressure from climate change;
  • optimal pump scheduling according to the real-time needs and electricity prices;
  • improvement of the environmental performance of existing installations thanks to the real-time monitoring of exhaust fumes and the treated wastewater quality;
  • creation of a database storing all the recorded parameters, which allows a detailed analysis of the network status and the correct sizing of additional equipment;
  • predictive maintenance practices.

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