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Periodic maintenance of firefighting groups and hydrant tests according to the UNI EN 12845:2009 standard

Maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of a firefighting system over time is vital in order to protect various civil and industrial premises.

The UNI EN 12845:2009 standard separated the activities that can be carried out by the user of a firefighting station from those that must be outsourced to a qualified company. The maintenance activities related to firefighting pumping stations can be summarized as follows:

  • Quarterly maintenance: test of the automatic start-up procedure, verification of the functionality of the shut-off valves and check of the flow and pressure granted by the system.
  • Annual maintenance: verification of the optical and acoustic alarm signalling diesel engine failures, verification of the manual motor startup procedures, check-up of fuel interception valves, suction chamber and pump filter status.
  • Every three years: all hydraulic valves must be examined and replaced or serviced if necessary.
  • Every ten years: cleaning and inspecting the water tank.
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